3-Month Expedition


In an effort to achieve our three strategies of mobilization, we mobilize local churches/colleges to raise up teams of willing individuals to reach the remaining unreached tribes around the globe. In this effort, we have created a three-month missions expedition that can be indigenously integrated into your congregation of believers.


This three-month expedition is split into two parts: training and field experience.


The training portion is six weeks spent at the host church/college where teams prepare to evangelize a tribe through acquisition of Chronological Storytelling, bible training, team building, fitness training, and so on. Each week there are also opportunities to find a boldness to share the gospel and minister with people not just around the world, but in our own backyards through local church outreach.


Immediately following the training, the team departs for the field; be it in Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Ethiopia or another. It is there that the team works alongside the national church and local missionaries to be a part of sharing the gospel, helping to disciple, and ultimately seeing the indigenous church planted.


Results & Testimonies


Wendell Vinson, senior pastor of Canyon Hills Church in Bakersfield, CA, has hosted a Mission One Eleven in his church since 2011. Throughout the years, he has often expressed how Mission One Eleven:


- “Is the structural momentum within the local church to respond to the call.”

- “Causes missions to be up close and personal in the local church.”

- “Is a constant reminder of the church’s purpose.”

- “Plants the seed into young adults.”

- “Makes ‘going’ normal behavior.”


As a Biomedical Engineer, Carrie Johnson, an alumnus of University of Southern California, was excelling in her field and receiving a six-figure salary. However, after her first trip with Mission One Eleven to Ethiopia, Carrie felt an immediate urgency to give it all up and take on the challenge that God had shown her through His word. That challenge, or better stated, “command,” was to go into the entire world and preach the gospel message to those whom have never heard it before. Carrie is now an ordained Assemblies of God Missionary (AGWM) to Ethiopia.


 “We do not think these are just stories, we believe they are truth. We have always believed in one God, but we did not know how to reach Him. Now that we know Jesus, we have peace and my people will tell the neighboring tribes.”

 -Karo Tribal Chief


The three-month missions expedition is not meant to be the means to the end. It is simply a platform that can enable the body of Christ to champion the cause and for unreached peoples to know their Creator and Savior.